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LibData is a library oriented web based application which provides authoring environments for subject pathfinders (Research QuickStart), course related pages (CourseLib) and general purpose web pages (PageScribe). LibData encompasses all of these applications, but a typical installation need only take advantage of one or two of them -- great local variation and emphasis is possible.

LibData was built with open source components (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and moved into production at the University of Minnesota for Fall Semester 2003. It has been heavily customized over the past decade, integrated with Drupal and various local systems.

Currently (August 2013) LibData continues to serve our production environment. Current work emphasis has been on integration with Drupal and other systems via XML/REST API's. Example API's have been provided with LibData 3.01.


LibData has been released open source on SourceForge ( under the GPL license terms. So feel free to customize and build on this work, but you may not sell it or re-release it in any closed fashion. We encourage institutions deciding to use LibData to acknowledge our work with something like Built with LibData, Powered by LibData, and a link to

Supplied with the distribution are README files for separate audiences: server administrators, web designers, and a general staff audience.

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